Search Test Instances

Search Instructions

Simple Queries

Enter queries key-value pairs, with a colons separating key and value. For instance,

user: Bill Wolf

will return all test instances submitted by user Bill Wolf. You must always put a space after the semi-colon in a key: value pair.

Compound Queries

Multiple queries can be strung together by separating entire key-value pairs with semicolons. For example,

user: Bill Wolf; version: 10000

will find all test instances submitted by Bill Wolf for MESA version 10000. Multiple search criteria are always combined in an "and" sense (all conditions must be met.)

Ranges and Lists

Multiple values can be searched for each field by either comma-separating individual values or by using a dash to indicate a range. For instance,

version: 10000-10200; test_case: wd2, 1M_thermohaline

will find all test instances for versionsin the range of 10000-10200 that are for either the wd2 or 1M_thermohaline test cases.

Available Search Options

  • test_case name of a valid test case
  • version number of a valid mesa revision
  • passed whether the test passed or failed. Anything starting with "t" will search for passing instances, and any value starting with "f" will search for failing instances.
  • computer name of a computer
  • user name of a user
  • date date test was submitted; use format YYYY/MM/DD. All dates are relative to UTC, so use with caution.
  • datetime date and time test was submitted; use format YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss. To escape from UTC requirements, you can add a timezone, like "PST" to the end as well.
  • platform platform of the computer in use, like macOS or linux. Does not include any version string
  • platform_version version of the computer's platform, like 10.14.2 or Arch
  • rn_runtime/re_runtime/runtime Runtime for rn/re scripts or for entire process including compilation. Instances run before early 2019 will only have rn_runtime available. Format this time either as an integer of seconds, or you can specify hours, minutes and seconds via something like 1 hr 30 min or 2.3 hours.
  • rn_RAM/re_RAM maximum memory used in rn/re script, in GB.
  • threads Number of OpenMP threads in use.
  • compiler Compiler in use, not including version. For example, SDK, gfortran, or ifort.
  • compiler_version Version of compiler in use. The format will vary as this is not a standardzied input, though SDK submissions since some time in 2018 follow the format given by the version-reporting script in the SDK itself, like x86_64-osx-10.10-10.14-20190408.